Anonymous said: Who do you think will be in contention for team USA in rio?

Ohh I need a drink before I can answer this question, because these gymnast like to play games with my heart and decide to come and go every two seconds like Gabby or now apparently Ohashi and who knows on my lord and savior Aly, haha but to be honest for this reason it’s to soon to say it’s all opinions for now.

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a lot of people may not get along but i think the whole gymternet can agree that kittysha is a bloody idiot

It’s funny because she/he is such a moron they don’t even realize that everyone hates hem

It doesn’t matter how you feel about her just vote, little things like this will help promote gymnastics plus Nastia does deserve it!

Anonymous said: Hows it going?

It’s good, I finally got a day off yesterday so me and some friends went to a nude beach, it was great.